3.326 En garde!

3.326 En garde!

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A deafening waft of rum greeted us from the top of the nosing glass! Pickled exotic fruits wrapped in seawater-soaked bandages and Elastoplast. Sardines bobbing in antiseptic, olive bine, anchovy butter and tarry beach wood. A bonkers nose we all agreed. With water, we noted smoked green tea, myrtle, wintergreen, farmhouse cider, bike chain grease, aniseed balls and lemons charring on a BBQ. The neat palate was full of smoked exotic fruits, burning heather, olive oil, lime curds, mineral oils, squid ink and some kind of high ester mouthwash. With water it became sootier, more herbal and more classical with beach pebbles, mineral salts, bacon rind, pickled ginger and vapour rubs. Previously in a bourbon barrel for 14 years before being transferred to an ex-Guyanese rum barrel.



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