29.270 Collateral drammage

29.270 Collateral drammage

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A surprisingly mature and confected nose full of pink peppercorn warmth then foam shrimps, crab sticks, hot langoustines, freshly chopped herbs and dazzling medicinal sharpness. There’s a wee exotic aspect such as lemon and ripe mango, along with barley water, smoked herbal teas and freshly baked, salty bread. A splash of water brings out rosemary, black and green olives, lemon juice, farmyard, soy sauce, smoked sea salt and kiln smoke. The palate opens with a superbly textural swoosh of tar, seawater, mineral salts and a gutsy, rough and ready medical splurge. Some crushed aspirin, bath bombs, cod liver oil and scented beach flowers. Reduction brings a sluice of olive oil mixed with brine, raw antiseptic, iodine drops, TCP, kippers, a lick of sweet vanilla, tar liqueur and a rather rustic, gentian-flecked peatiness.

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