28.63 Zesty and refreshing

28.63 Zesty and refreshing

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The nose suggested dolly mixtures, flying saucers, lemon puff biscuits and red fruits; also glossy magazines in a nail bar, cardamom and freshly shaved oak. The palate was juicy and zesty – poached pears, green fruits, sharp berries and citrus; the oak derivatives showered us with clove, cinnamon, vanilla and tarry black tea. The reduced nose found floral perfumes (rose petals, Turkish delight), fresh-cut hay and sweet, fruity fromage frais. The reduced palate was wonderfully refreshing – sweet, tart and easy drinking – lemon curd, lime marmalade and Haribos, butterscotch and crystallized ginger; then tobacco, dandelion and burdock, nutmeg and oak on the finish.

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