26.167 A barrel of beeswax

26.167 A barrel of beeswax

$170.00 inc. GST

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Beeswax and lemon skins joined candied citrus and sweet pickled ginger on a bed of jasmine tea leaves, fresh straw and polished wood. Waxy textures continued onto the palate with a burst of chilli heat that sweetened into honey, green apples and citrus oils in strong black tea. Water accentuated woody aromas of dusty sawdust and wood oils before rosewater, fresh pineapple and strawberries appeared alongside toffee apples. The peppery heat had now faded to tingly ginger with lemon pith and sherbet. Buttery and chalky textures coated fine grained wood while banana sweets and ginger nut biscuits found lime skin on a clean finish.



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