26.147 So many colours in a rainbow

26.147 So many colours in a rainbow

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Waxy, fruity, and all the colours of the rainbow. Welcome cask 26.147! For the Gathering 2020 we were asked to pick one special cask to take on the whole allocation. Something from a renowned distillery oozing with character. Distillery 26’s waxy, fruity, and truly charismatic profile fits the bill perfectly to celebrate exactly the sharable nature of what Gathering is all about. Grab a bottle for our Malt of the Month special edition, crack it open, and share in all the flavours of the rainbow for Gathering 2020!

We were all thinking in different colours; orange marmalade and mango juice, washed up lemons on a yellow sandy beach and finally ‘think pink’ – candyfloss and cherry blossom. On the palate we enjoyed a glass of squash made from sarsaparilla with those typical flavours of wintergreen, vanilla and liquorice mixed with carbonated water and red berries. When we added a drop of water we had to choose between a kirsch-heavy black forest gateau, a lemon meringue pie or coconut cream cookies, before we washed it all down with a tropical smoothie of oranges, bananas, melons, mangos, pineapples and coconut water – so tasty!

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