26.123 Attractive, lively fun

26.123 Attractive, lively fun

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The nose contained vanilla fudge, sweetie necklaces, syrup and wine gums, but behind that were flower meadows, perfumed candles, linseed oil, PVC coats and rattan chairs. The palate fizzed with pleasant astringency – ginger root, cinnamon, pepper and balsa wood; sherbet lemons and salt and vinegar crisps – leaving bright, tingly impressions that we all enjoyed. The reduced nose offered strawberry blancmange, Bounty bars and Battenberg cake, with hints of white pepper and tobacco. The reduced palate was smoother and easier, with immediate digestive biscuit cereal sweetness; towards the finish we found tree bark, cumin, liquorice and sugar-coated fennel seeds – attractive, lively fun.

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