24.143 Substance over style (Vaults Collection)

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24.143 Substance over style (Vaults Collection)

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Bare-boned, vivid, tautly structured and hauntingly complex. Distillery 24 has earned a cult-like status in the Scotch whisky world which has resonated for decades as one of the most desirable single malts on earth. Small stills, tight cut points, and long maturation make for some of the most revered spirit on earth reserved for special occasions. Cask 24.143 passed by the expert tasting panel and placed in the Spicy & Dry flavour profile is a 30 year old single cask in the rarest of configurations: a long-aged, un-sherried example of this legendary make. Popping this after lunch this festive season might be what you need after a wild year.

We found ourselves very close to the naked heart of this traditionally sherry-cloaked distillate. A world of crushed oatcakes, buttermilk, barley water, pollen-laden yellow flowers, greengage plums, plush cereals, velvety white fruit jams and long-aged dessert wines. Fragrant, complex and extremely beautiful. With water we noted freshly milled grist, cooling wort, autolytic sourdough starter, honey cake and an elevated floral complexity. The palate opened with heather honey and milk bottle sweets. A natural, spirit-driven sweetness full of mango pudding, lactic stout ales, brioche, sultanas and flambeed banana drizzled with vanilla extract. With dilution came thicker and stodgier notes of olive oil cake, Victoria sponge, the warmth of English mustard powder, spiced custard, orange blossom, dried mint and a mouth-filling waxiness.

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