2.116 Bees in a pod

2.116 Bees in a pod

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The first impressions were of bountiful and generous sweetness – honey, then luscious notes of pineapple, candied tropical fruits, sweet coconut, gorse flowers, quince paste and aged dessert wines. A dangerous and impressionable dram! With water we found more honey and exotic layers of pineapple juice, cranberry sauce, caramelised pears in cognac, ripe mangos, beeswax candles and talcum powder. Some lemon-scented shortbread and cocoa powder too. The palate was superbly creamy in texture. Fresh grassy notes with honeycomb, fruit salad juices, hibiscus tea, toasted almonds, aged champagne, cinnamon sugar, beeswax and cotton candy. Reduction brought apricot marmalade, fresh lemon juice with a dash of orange bitters, some leafy tobacco notes and cherry blossoms.

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