16.45 Womble pie

16.45 Womble pie

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A rather bonkers initial aroma of dark soils, smoked plasticine, lashings of pickled mackerel and farmy cow sheds. Fire embers, game meats, mutton, smoked goat cheese, horse sweat and mud. Baled hay, hints of silage, smoked earth and BBQ brisket with a good dash of hot sauce. Water brought out even more funky and hefty farmyard aromas. Lots of autumnal sooty notes, smoked green peppers, charred vegetables, chipotle chilli, tractor engine parts, old hay lofts and sheep fank. The palate opened with sweet Thai green curry, smoked pork ribs, aged Belgian saison beers, Lapsang Souchong, smoked herring, herbal cigarettes and muddy fishing wellies. With water there emerged some kind of peated turnip with WD40, bike chains, boiler fug, old copper coins, chimney soot and fermented soy broth.

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