152.2 Tropical cornucopia (Malt of the Month)

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152.2 Tropical cornucopia (Malt of the Month)

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To kick off our maverick malts for 2023, we’re trailblazing a brand new code. Cask 152.2 ‘Tropical cornucopia’. A 10-year-old, Spicy & Sweet flavour profile, single cask, cask strength CANADIAN single malt whisky. What?! When the Society first launched an Irish whiskey in 1988, members tore up their membership cards, wrote hate mail to the editor of The Society Newsletter, and vowed never to return. The outrage was similar in 2002 when we bottled our first Japanese whisky casks. “Our beloved Scotch Malt Whisky Society was bottling Japanese malt whisky?! This is an outrage”, wrote one member. Now in 2023 in continuing with the maverick attitude of The SMWS, we’re releasing our first ever Canadian single malt, single cask whisky. Aged for ten years, this cask is truly a tropical cornucopia of flavours and the perfect summer dramming companion. Take a look on our YouTube channel for our ambassador talking in depth about this release and don’t miss out on this epic new milestone for The SMWS as we head into celebrating 40 years of the club being mavericks in flavour!

On the nose neat juicy pineapple, green apples, rhubarb and custard, limeade with mint, fresh sugar cane juice, vanilla and coconut – simple yet complex, confused? Certainly, plenty of heat on the palate neat but beyond the spice plenty of goodness; Ovaltine, salted caramel, cape gooseberries, treacle and plenty of tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit. Water added a pleasant oakiness combined with gorse and heather as well as candied sweets and fruit pastilles while to taste charred pineapple, mango coulis and chocolate oranges. In the finish, a creamy, indulgent chai-spiced hot chocolate topped with whipped coconut cream.

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