148.1 Apera for everyone!

148.1 Apera for everyone!

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We’d like to formally welcome distillery 148 to the SMWS coding system. It won’t take much to work out where this is from, but it’s again worth noting some of the factoids about this particular selection. Cask 148.1 is the oldest private barrel released from this distillery, hand-picked by your Australian team, then approved by our expert UK panel and distilled, matured, and bottled entirely in Australia.

Tasting Panel: On the nose some immediate Haigs 70% dark chocolate, coffee grounds, cherry chocolates, beeswax followed by creamy apricot syrup. The palate is espresso, hot cross buns, a dusty walk through an old wine cellar before a stroll through the Melbourne spice market. Diluted; a big Australian aged apera and duck confit with strawberry balsamic. The finish is delicate, soothing, refined and stately. A marvellous balance between spirit and oak for this exciting milestone of Australian whisky.

Martin Eber, Time for Whisky: “Wow. Big apricot and peach notes, chewy Milkbottle lollies, caramel chews, fresh toffee and Manuka honey. Super complex and super delicious. Starward casks set a high barrier as it is, but this goes well beyond. An absolutely unique and stellar dram.”

Jonathan Walczak, The Whisky Ledger: “Such a rich, decadent dram that brings a level of refinement and complexity you very rarely see in Australian single cask whisky. ‘Apera for Everyone!’ sets a deliciously high benchmark and gives the very best of new word whisky a run for its money, including a certain multi award winning release from Taiwan.”

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