147.1 Jacaranda Jam

147.1 Jacaranda Jam

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We’ve made it. The first ever Society Australian whisky. A milestone for both us as a club and for the development and growth of the Australian whisky landscape. We’re doing things differently. We’re changing the game. Our first Australian single cask to show the world what we can do here, and to show our members we’re serious about picking unique casks to share around with members and friends. Elsewhere in this Outturn you can read how this came about, where the journey started, and how it’s changed over the years. All that’s important here is that we’ve landed, we’ve filled the iconic green glass bottles with what we think is some of the best local spirit on offer, and we’ve made sure to share it with as many of you as we possibly can. Distillery 147 is a Sydney distillery with a remarkable story, wild ambitions, incredible bar, and attention to detail that drew us in. Come on this journey into local flavour and raise a glass to a new beginning!

Naval orange peel on white toast with balsamic glaze and caramel chews. Milk bottle lollies and plum juice! A big bowl of Coco Pops and Jersey Milk. Diluted, the nose evolved into pink wafer biscuits and ink wells before morphing into a bright clean sherry. The palate bursts with Persian spices and glazed ham with a fistful of squished Jacaranda flowers between pages of a book. Roasted dark malts dance on the tongue between scoops of orange sorbet enjoyed deep in a dunnage warehouse. The palate diluted is Nutella biscuits and Manuka honey. Brilliantly integrated after a short maturation and showing maturity well beyond its years. The finish rolls on with vintage perfume, laundry powder, and Turkish Delights.


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