135.5 Intriguing? Captivating? Fascinating!

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135.5 Intriguing? Captivating? Fascinating!

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A warm sweet earthy aroma of quality potting soil using peat, bark and recycled mushroom compost was soon joined by the scent of a brand new Mackintosh raincoat and sweet gooseberry pickle – intriguing? We certainly were! To taste, like spicy savoury basmati rice with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and curry powder as well as peas, sweetcorn and sliced almonds – captivating? When we added water we were brewing a Chinese Chrysanthemum flower based infused tea and drinking cactus juice liqueur (tequila, triple sec. and herbs) as well as kummel (liqueur flavoured with caraway seed, cumin and fennel) – fascinating!

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