135.44 Last seen wandering into the woods

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135.44 Last seen wandering into the woods

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Welcome back to Distillery 135! Probably the most versatile distillery in all of Scotland. So much so, that we’ve had to allocate them five different SMWS codes for all their diverse spirit runs. While we’ve recently seen some wacky releases like G15.14, and 122.42, it’s nice to see a really solid 10-year-old classic example of great Scotch whisky like this. A single cask, unique offering from the ‘double pot still’ configuration of code 135. Expect notes of chopped hazelnuts, fresh cream, muesli, pineapple jam and melted butter. Just a fantastic drinker.

A distinctly firm and rich aroma that invoked to us chopped hazelnuts, lemon curd, eucalyptus resins, freshly rolled linoleum, hand cream and white marshmallow. Some water brought nectarine, salted caramel, linseed oil, pinewood and herbal teas. Complex, characterful and unusual. The neat palate was oily and sweet initially. Some syrupy limoncello vibes along with fingerlimes, fruity muesli, dried apricot and pineapple jam. Water brought marzipan, lemon cough drops, olive oil and melted butter on a croissant.

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