66.141 Roofing felt on a beach hut

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66.141 Roofing felt on a beach hut

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The peatiness gives the nose some char and sharp smoke, like green wood on a bonfire; it also has medicinal elements (bandages, Germolene) and shell sand or sandstone dust. On the palate, marmalade and Battenberg sweetness is surrounded (though not overwhelmed) by menthol, tarry driftwood, charcoal and roofing felt on a beach hut. The reduced nose picks up liquorice, pipe dottles, burnt molasses, hessian bung cloths, salt and lime. The palate becomes much sweeter and tamer – apple tart and lemon meringue pie with a good mouth-tingling swirl of peat smoke. It ends up with a very acceptable balance indeed – eminently drinkable.

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