128.9 Electrochemystery

128.9 Electrochemystery

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The Panel found this one immediately sweet, fruity and herbal. Notes of geraniol sap wood, lemon verbena, grass, vanilla and fresh sandalwood were recorded. Also grapefruit, orange cordial and gorse flower with an undercurrent of rich gasoline. Reduction brought more citrus fruits, green leaves, thyme, sage, green tomato, marjoram, banana syrup and further cavalcades of assorted fruits. The palate displayed a more concentrated style. Lots of wine gums, white malt, malt vinegar, caramel, toffee chews, red apples, pineapple juice and petrolic richness. Water brought a slightly peppery and minty aspect but still this unusually dense, oily, fruity profile. Lots of unusual notes of aspirin, limoncello, brambles, strawberry and mango were noted.

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