71.62 Magnificently moreish

71.62 Magnificently moreish

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An interesting dram – teasing in its individuality. The nose combined dry cereal notes (muesli) with polished wood and the fresh fruitiness of dried raspberry, blackcurrant, citrus, Williams and kids’ bubble-bath. The palate was full of character – bubble-gum, Pimms and Tooty Frooties, ice-cream cones and flapjacks and a concluding coda of cinnamon, ginger and chilli. The reduced nose – golden syrup on porridge and treacle tarts, cigar box and scented pencils. The reduced palate became magnificently moreish, mouth-filling and yummy – lemon and lime, lychee and toffee while the finish furnished floods of genial warmth and satisfaction – sour apple sweets, tobacco and chilli.

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