122.34 Railway track to a log cabin

122.34 Railway track to a log cabin

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The nose suggested muddy leather boots, Brasso cloths, smoked sea salt and incense – then we were walking on old railway sleepers laid over shale through a eucalyptus forest. The palate was medicinal (Vicks VapoRub, Buckley’s cough medicine) but also had pickles, salted crackers, wood embers, Elastoplast, liquorice imps, black tea leaves, tar, coal smoke and chimney scrapings. The reduced nose discovered mothballs, Camp coffee, TCP, creosote and we pictured eating salt and vinegar crisps by a log cabin fireside; eventually honey, menthol sweets and Kendal mint cake emerged. On the palate now, prawn cocktail and smoky bacon crisps, hints of ouzo and old herbal liqueurs.

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