12.60 A grist of lemon

12.60 A grist of lemon

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Distillery 12 has had something of a modern-day resurgence of late with the relatively new owners putting a real emphasis on their single malts. The Society continues to push the envelope a bit further here with Cask 12.60 A grist of lemon. In the desirable Spicy & Dry flavour profile, this cask was extra-matured in an ex-SMWS Cask 10.169 Obsidian Salmagundi, which was an unpeated, sherried, festival Islay cask from back in 2017 for UK members. So we’re talking about a Speyside single cask that’s seen extra maturation in an unpeated Islay cask. Sounds heavenly to us!

The initial nose was nicely fresh with a fizz of citrus vitamin tablets in soda water, then freshly laundered linens, toasted cereals, flints, mineral oil and a wonderfully rich bready note. Water brings out buttered white toast, marshmallow spread, crushed cashew nuts, a hint of camphor and white chocolate buttons. The neat palate is robust and dry with soft notes of cooking oils, white flowers, chamomile, orange peel and a subtle sooty note. Reduction enhances the camphor and oily tones, bringing green and peppery qualities as well. Lovely notes of barley water, lemon peel and miso emerge.



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