12.20 Martini in a trenchcoat

12.20 Martini in a trenchcoat

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An unusually robust nose greeted the panel. Notes of oil of wintergreen, camphor, linseed oil and a drying mineral quality were all notes. As were white flowers, stone fruits, oatmeal and runny honey. Whiffs of lychee sorbet, lanolin, soot and wax dipped in cod liver oil. A little water revealed a big hit of dirty martini along with cut grass, salted mead, dandelions, dry earth, old paper and freeze dried raspberries in a gooey flapjack. The mouth was dense in texture to begin. Notes of spearmint, green olives, pink marshmallows and white pepper. Then cough mixtures, pineapple syrup and darjeeling tea. With water it became increasingly buttery with tiger balm, caraway and trampled bracken.

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