113.61 It’s a peach

113.61 It’s a peach

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We found ourselves in a German bakery – Windbeutel (classic cream puffs),Zimtschnecken (cinnamon rolls) and Quarktaschen (curd cheese turnover with puff pastry). Soft and mellow on the palate with silky pastry cream, coconut, mango and pineapple as well as, back in the bakery, white chocolate cheesecake. Following the addition of water an effervescent mixture of a gin and tonic with a slice of Seville orange alongside cinnamon roasted peaches with honey mascarpone whipped cream emerged before we were served that classic cocktail from Venice invented in 1948. It was a white peach Bellini, blending peaches into a puree adding prosecco and garnished with a slice of peach.

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