112.31 One for the low road

112.31 One for the low road

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A medicinal dram! With cherry cough medicine, coal, ointments, lapsang souchong, lanolin, a saline Milano salami note and then earth, white fruits, trampled daffodils and ground pepper. Water reveals a deeper thickness with camphor, hessian, lanolin, wax, smoked fish, hemp oil, gravel and black olives. Something of a fresh mountain stream lingers in the background. In the mouth it is redolent with herbs, spices, bombay mix, lemon oil, mead, toasted cereals, crushed rocket, soft waxes and a vinaigrette sharpness. With water it becomes fresher and more citric with lemon balm, barley sugar, sugar-dusted cereals, buttered toast and wildflowers.

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