108.27 Nice to meat you

108.27 Nice to meat you

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Antiseptic sprayed on latex! The talcum powder puff of an inverted medical glove. Spun sugar laced with aniseed, curls of leafy bonfire smoke, burnt brisket ends, roast coffee beans and mutton broth spilled in a muddy changing room. Reduction gave us spicy pulled pork, hot smoked salmon, sizzling milk in a pan, malt vinegar and plain peat smoke with newspaper ashes. In the mouth, there were oodles of Elastoplast, salt and vinegar crisps, game salami, hot tar, anchovy paste and raw petrol mixed with salty rice cakes and black olives. Hints of wasabi cracker, miso and seawater. The reduced palate was full of ploughman’s pickle, smoked white fish, anthracite coals, industrial mouthwash, roof pitch, star anise and mercurochrome.

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