10.210 Herbs ablaze

10.210 Herbs ablaze

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Early aromas combined wood smoked nuts with slightly salty fino sherry before fruity notes of scorched lemons, ripe apples and calvados appeared. On the palate, a large helping of spice complimented thick and syrupy sweetness that morphed into salted red liquorice, cinnamon and ginger. Rosemary and thyme sausages then appeared amid plumes of bonfire smoke and seashells arrived with hot smoked salmon. Seafood platters on the beach transpired with water as nutty, cereal notes returned with old wood char. Rhubarb and strawberries delivered soft fruit along with barbecued bananas while on the palate we found scorched herbs and pickled ginger that faded into lavender and menthol on the salted lime finish.


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