10.203 Day is fading west awa’

10.203 Day is fading west awa’

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The initial nose was wonderfully fresh and vivid. Full of freshly laundered washing drying in the sea air, some peat smoke drifting from a chimney. Then dried herbs, bath salts, lemon peel and citronella wax. Lots of savoury, herbal smoke, bath bombs and a brittle, refreshing minerality. Water brought pickled lemons, ginger, spilled petrol, burning hay and the sharpness of green apple peelings and iodine. The palate was full on, brimming with sheep wool doused in kerosene, pure brine, lemon juice on an oyster, natural tar and things like squid ink and TCP. Powerhouse stuff! With reduction there was a wonderful balance between the farmyard and the seashore. Also a huge medical streak of gauze, disinfectant and herbal mouthwash. Some meaty scallops grilling over wood embers.

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