10.175 Pork scratching eau de vie (Malt of the Month)

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10.175 Pork scratching eau de vie (Malt of the Month)

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We are by the sea! Salted peanuts scattered in a hayloft. Silage, green olives, umami paste, vinaigrette, preserved lemons, ash-rolled goat’s cheese, dried tarragon and wet beach pebbles. Reduction unveils flowering gorse bushes, dried seaweed, miso broth, soy sauce, lemongrass, pork scratchings, salted honey, mineral salts, fresh linen and sea greens. In the mouth it is almost putty like in texture. Lots of dry herbs, clay, plasticine, syrupy citrus oils, lemon wax, medicines, old rope, gentle tarriness, salted corn chips, lamp oil and oily rags. Water brings preserved white fruits, dried apple rings, more mixed salted nuts, briny olives, chopped parsley, frying bacon pieces, salty butter, hummus and lemon cough drops.

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