10.151 Reminder of the sea

10.151 Reminder of the sea

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We imagined having a plate of oysters covered in a squeeze of lemon, a Champagne-vinegar mignonette and freshly grated horseradish by the side. However, before we tucked in, we had a cilantro-infused sweet, spicy and salty jalapeno Margarita cocktail – a truly refreshing and invigorating invitation. Diluted, more maritime, more coastal on the nose, honey sweetened sugar kelp crisps as well as spaghetti alle vongole (with clams), whilst on the palate a sweet-spicy-salty freshly cut juicy pineapple and a frozen daiquiri that Hemingway so rhapsodically described as “looking like the sea where the waves fall away from the bow of a ship when she is doing thirty knots”.

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