35.270 At the end of a perfect day (Vaults Collection)

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35.270 At the end of a perfect day (Vaults Collection)

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Whisky has that ability to play with our senses, evoke memories, and take us on a flavour adventure. Like your favourite slippers by the fire while you sip a Grand Marnier, Cask 35.270 oozes charm and elegance from a full maturation of 33 years in a 2nd-fill toasted hogshead. Take a moment to remind yourself where you were in 1986, or if you were even born yet, and then taste what was being produced then.

Imagine coming inside after a bracing walk in very cold conditions, you’ve slipped off your comfortable coat crafted from a blend of camel hair and virgin wool, put on your slippers and sat down by the open crackling fire to enjoy figs in syrup, sweet dates wrapped in bacon, mature cheddar cheese and a glass of very old vintage Malmsey Madeira wine. If you so wish, add a drop of water and you will be rewarded with a classic crêpes Suzette served in a delicious orange and caramel sauce flambé with Grand Marnier.


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