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A wonderfully opulent and generous nose, brimming with jellied fruits, apple sours, Advocaat liqueur, pooled fruit salad juices and tinned pineapple in syrup. Luscious and hugely inviting. Reduction brings a layered creaminess and an even balance between cereals, sunflower seeds and baking soda alongside wine gums, custard creams and a rather honeyed, aged riesling note. The mouth opens with fizzy rhubarb and custard sweets, green fruit syrups, cherry cola, root beer, strawberry laces, lime cordial and Turkish delight. A love letter to childhood confectionary. With water, there’s bitter citrus piths, spicy rye bread, dried tarragon, spiced fruit chutneys, tamarind paste and white truffle oil. The whole is earthier, deeper, drier and fatter. Banana chips, lemon barley water and malt extract. Terrifically textural and rich.

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