1.209 Waxing a hot woodsman

1.209 Waxing a hot woodsman

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Herbal toothpaste and cough medicine strike first. A great big battering ram of aroma right up the schnozz. Then it’s coconut, lime oils, lemon bonbons, camphor, English mustard powder, dry earth, aged pinot noir, liquorice and fennel seeds. A good slug of water brings out smoked paprika, strawberry jelly, pine extract, hardwood resins, hot workshop wood shavings, graphite oil, spicy bourbon cocktails, charred wood and butterscotch drizzled red liquorice. The palate is hugely spicy, full of fruity chilli heat, black coffee, old rum, strong mojitos, new leather, crushed mint, tiger balm, chamomile, black tea, cherry throat sweeties and mulling spices. H2O reveals cherryade, toasted pink marshmallows, cola cubes, a strong dark n stormy and buttermints. Mental!

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