Learn more about Strathila and Glenallachie

///Learn more about Strathila and Glenallachie

Learn more about Strathila and Glenallachie

Cask 58.28 ‘Usquebae an’ blankets warm’

Often quite a heavy spirit at Strathila, known for being the most picturesque distillery in Scotland with it’s stunning gardens and old-school pagoda roof. Visiting the distillery will reveal they don’t really focus on their single malt, but instead refer to their output as the ‘heart of Chivas Regal’ which is true. Their stills are cramped into a tight fit, and their Oregon pine washbacks certainly hark back to a simpler era of whisky production. A backbone of the blend, and rarely seen single malt. Even rarer is single cask single malts, like this cask of 58.28, and just 28 casks in 35 years of the Society. Enjoy this lush and toasty spirit tonight at Sydney Steps!


Cask 107.18 ‘Happy, heart-warming and hypnotic’

Also low code here, just the 18th cask ever from distillery 107 approved by panel for the members of the Society. We’ve had a few rich sherried 107’s lately, so to see one that’s at a nice mid-50’s proof, ex-bourbon, and their distillery character of spicy and sweet spirit. The distillery was recently purchased by Billy Walker, who you might remember as the owner/distiller at Glendronach previously, so time will tell how the spirit and range evolves over time now. Historically Glenallachie has been a core component of budget blend White Heather, but to taste it as a single cask with the vibrancy of youth makes for some fascinating dramming tonight. This is the first time this cask has been featured in Australia. Don’t miss this ripper.


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Matt Bailey is the National Ambassador and Development Manager for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Australia. He's tirelessly trying to meet every member and share a dram with you all.

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