A must read guide to Outturn

//A must read guide to Outturn

A must read guide to Outturn

Each month we often get questions and requests on how to checkout and secure that bottle you’re after. Many Society offerings sell out in seconds upon release, so without further ado, a handy guide on how to make sure you give yourself the best odds of scoring that special single cask:

1. Your purchase is not secured until you have checked out. In other words, that long-pored-over and much-desired bottle/advent calendar in your cart is ONLY YOURS when you have COMPLETED the checkout process! Don’t miss out, check out! Top tip: prioritise your purchases – check out quickly with your must-haves, then place a second order for your highly desired extras. Yes, you will be charged a shipping fee every time you place an order BUT, being the wonderful whisky club that we are, we will consolidate your orders and refund the extra shipping fees. Shipping refunds will be processed during the course of the next week, but please be patient.

2. If you have any additional comments regarding your order, please don’t email them separately, just pop them in the Comments Section when placing your order. Why do two things when you can consolidate your effort into one! Of course, if you miss the comments section, we’ll still work out your order detail, but better to put it all in one place.

3. A midday email does not constitute an order – or at least can’t be actioned immediately, so you may well miss out. Ordering online is your BEST chance of success. Our phone line (singular) will inevitably be busy, and chances are you’ll need to leave a voicemail. We’ll get to those messages as each call is finished, but again, your best chance of success is ordering online. The whole team will be working very hard on your behalf, so please be patient.

4. Check you are using an up-to-date credit card. If you are using a card already saved to your account, check it is valid as you go to place your order. Otherwise select ‘Use new credit card’ and have it handy! Did you know you can also update your credit card ahead of Outturn to save time again?

5. Lastly, happy Outturn and happy dramming! There’s no better whisky club to be a part of!


Looking for more tips for Outturn? Try here. Otherwise join the world’s greatest whisky club here.


About the Author:

Matt Bailey is the National Ambassador and Development Manager for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Australia. He's tirelessly trying to meet every member and share a dram with you all.

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